Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goodbye "B"

I have wrote before about taking Evelyn off the Binkie aka "The B" before she turned 1. While we were at Disney World we really started to noticed how attached she was becoming to the 'B' and we decided after the trip we would start the process of taking it away from her. I had a friend recently take her daughter binkie away and I saw how hard it was on her, and I wanted to try to avoid a lot of that.

We now only give it to get at Nap and Bedtime and she will no longer be getting it during the day. She hasn't seemed to notice it but that might also be because she still has it at those certain times. In about a month we'll start taking it away at nap times. According to my friend taking it away at Nap and Bedtime is the worst, so hopefully by doing the slow process she'll ease into it.

I am also in the process of weaning her off the bottle. I tried to give her, her formula in her sippy yesterday and she just didnt understand, as soon and I gave her a bottle she sucked it down. Sometimes I think she does that to show me I am wrong...but I'm not wrong Evelyn.She has a Doctors appointment this month so I'll be asking him/her about getting her off the bottle.

I'm Seriously going to miss this cute binkie smile face!


KD said...

She is so darn cute! At least you're getting her off of it now… The sooner the better, right? I hope it's as easy a transition as possible for you both! xo

Audrey Spence said...

I let Charlotte keep her binkie until 2. It made teething easier for us. But the last month before she turned 2 I would just cut a little bit off each week. So each week there would be a little less there and by the 3rd week it was harder for her to hang on to and she was basically done with it. Mark had done that with Mylee too. So if you wanna try it you can. Worked for us! :)

Natalie and Remington said...

Did she take the binkie by the time she was born? Arya only takes her binkie if she is hungry. Other than that she just spits it out and gives me a nasty look if I try to give it to her otherwise.

Chantal said...

No more pacifier! Penny uses one only when she's tired, lucky for us.

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