Friday, April 27, 2012


week is done! haha I know I am pathetic and I am sure I got wives who want to strangle me. Its not even about missing my husband and being happy I can see him. I definitely miss him when he is gone, even for a week. But I miss him spending time with Evelyn, and helping me with her. Also I miss having my best friend to sit around and watch Prison Break with.

I realize that this is not a deployment. Duh I have done 2 deployments. I know that this does not compare to a deployment. So don't write me some mean comment about how I don't even know...ok! I do know! But with that all said, it still sucks. But I am not one of those wives who like to complain about it. This whole week didn't suck because I missed him. I also had some hard times with Evelyn and it would have been nice to have that extra help. But I did also miss hanging out with my best friend.

But other then that, I planned a few treats for my husband! Apparently Riley is a LAZY post. At least my husbands batallion was. Seriously pull-ups! No those didn't happen at Riley. So my husband has been thrown for a loop here. They haven't been sleeping in tents in the field, and it rained. So I figured I should do a few things for him. I bought Panera bagels for him and I am planning on making Chocolate Croissants and Chocolate Chip Cookies and a good dinner :) Spoiled boy!...just playing he earns it!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

This is me and my BFF!


Erinn said...

Isn't lame that you have to say you've been through 2 deployments so people aren't asshats about you saying that you miss your husband since he's been gone for a week? I always miss my husband when he's gone for a week or 3 months! I bet it's even harder to have him gone with after having him there for Evelyn so much. I hope you guys have some great family time when he comes home :)

Chantal said...

Dude, whether it's a week or a year, I still miss my husband. You can miss him as much or as little as you'd like! There shouldn't be a comparison, right?

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