Friday, April 13, 2012


So with some of the controversy with some people thinking being a Stay At Home Mom is a bad thing, I'd just like to write about what being a SAHM means to me.

I never felt like I should be doing anything other then what I am doing now. Being a SAHM is not being "lazy" or not contributing to society. Its true, I do not earn money for staying home, I do however earn some great blessings by watching my daughter learn new things and taking a lot of work off my husbands shoulders.

As a MilSpouse I think most of us are SAHM's, its hard not to be in this life since you have one spouse who can leave for days, weeks, and months at a time. We want that time with our husbands if we are lucky enough to have it, and also stability for our children.

Now I don't judge anyone who works out of the home, I can at times be really jealous. But like I said I never felt like I should be doing anything other then what I am doing right now, but I will admit sometimes it would be nice to be with adults all day. When High School was over I never even applied for college, not because I didn't want to go, I did. I wanted the experience, but I didn't want to waste money on something I wasn't sure about. Even now, I am almost 23 and if you told me if I could go to college what would I study, and I would still say, "I Don't Know". Anyone who does know what they want to be, hats off to you because that's amazing that you can be that. I believe that since I had my daughter that this is what I was born to do.

I seriously kick ass at being a SAHM, I work so hard to keep my house clean, to try different recipes for my husband, and to spend a lot of time with my daughter. I will admit sometimes Evelyn drives me crazy, but at the end of the day I am grateful and blessed to spend this time with my daughter, she'll only be a baby once!and not to toot my own horn, but I am becoming a pretty good cook. Thank you Pintrest!

I don't like when people judge me for staying home. It was a personal decision that my husband and I decided, together. I was a stay-at-home-wife before we had Evelyn, due to my husband deploying much earlier then we thought after his 1st one. I don't regret that either. My day is not fueled by sitting in front of the tv, vegging out of bon bons and spending all my husbands money. Believe me sometimes I wish that was the case. My day is busy with my 8 month old, teaching her new things and getting her out of trouble. trying to figure out what she wants, trying to sleep train her, and keep her on a good schedule. Its a lot of work, but I am proud I have the opportunity to do so.

Believe me I wouldn't change this for anything.


Cassidy said...

High Five!! To each their own opinion and don't let others bring you down. You rock at what you do, so just keep going at it. Personally if J and I have a baby I will do it for a short time simply because I'm the type of person that HAS to work. I don't NEED to, but I feel like I have to. Still, High Five!!

Optimistic Liz said...

and I think thats awesome you want to go back to work after a baby! it takes alot to do that too! sometimes I wish I had some adult time! HIGH FIVE!

Chantal said...

It IS a lot of work! Just because we don't have "real" jobs, doesn't mean we're lazy. I'm glad to be able to stay home with our baby, and before that, I stayed home as a write. To each their own, right?

Natalie and Remington said...

And I am jealous of you for being able to be a stay at home mom! I know when my maternity leave is up I will have to go back to work on the weekends. I know its only weekends, but it breaks my heart that I have to. Once my husband and I can get things a little bit more settled we decided that I will quit my job.

Morgan Neal said...

Who cares what people think! Do it for you, your beautiful daughter & that amazing man that's giving up time to help our country! Live your life! So proud of you & all the other milspouces!!

Conni Smith said...

Anyone who thinks it is easy to be a SAHM (and I'm an Army one too) *clearly* has never been one.

I think we should buy her some dental floss to help her get the shoe leather from between her teeth...

I have been a "SAHM" since 1993, raising and homeschooling three children. One has graduated, and this coming year I will have 2 high school students. Easy? Oh Suuuure!

Let's throw in the volunteer work I do, and the many deployments Uncle Sam has graced us with.

It's a breeze. That's why my hair looks the way it does ;)

ROXY said...

I love this post. I am a stay a home wife since I PCS from Hawaii to Texas and will be a stay at home mommy in the next week or so. I do miss working and feeling "productive" but at the same time I am working. I do a lot around the house (cleaning, cooking, laundry) while my husband works hard for our family. I will be venturing into the world of mommyhood and I can just imagine how busy I'll be. But I definitely would not trade in being a stay a home mommy watching my baby girl grow up for a full-time job.

Audrey Spence said...

Its funny, when I used to go to church dances when I was in ysa wards, I would have guys ask me what I wanted to be. I would always say "you're probably going to think I'm crazy but I just want to be a mom. I love cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and taking care of kids." I remember one guy telling me he had never gotten an answer like that before and most girls gave him their college and career plans. I did get my associate degree just with generals because I couldn't decide but I love being a homemaker! It's the best! Even if my daughter is a demon sometimes :)

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