Tuesday, April 24, 2012


The Hubs went to the field this week. I gotta say I'm not a fan. I am not going to whine and complain, but I definitely forgot what it was like to have Evelyn to myself for over 24 hours. Don't get me wrong, I love my baby! But I never realized how much I love when Paul comes home and gives me a hand with her. Guess it's always fun to have that little reminder.

Now that Evelyn is asleep, my washer is running...like it has been doing ALL DAY, I am in my PJ's watching House Hunters and random other things on the TV. Not to mention drinking my yummy glass of wine! These times are pretty great...if only I had a jetted tub, I'd be in heaven right now.

I hope I can sleep in my bed though, I always hate sleeping in that bed by myself. Oh well!

Cheers everyone!
(excuse my shitty photo skill, I am pretty tired)
(ps...I wrote this last night, I am not drinking at 8:00am)


Chantal said...

Oh I'm not looking forward to having Penny all by myself. I do rely on Brandon a lot!

sophistifunk said...

i've been reading your blog and evelyn is sooo cute!

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