Friday, April 6, 2012


I was kinda surprised I didn't get more questions but hey I love the 2 questions I did get.

First was from Morgan, another girl at Bragg, at Stars, Stripes and A Military Life

Will you go on a date with me all ready? Lol. Kidding of course, but your girl is dying to meet you! Maybe we can go see "The Lucky One" together next weekend?

I have already text her and told her we could go! Yay for friends!!

Another was from Chantal at B+C & Baby!!

How did you come up with the name Evelyn?

I wrote this post right after I had Evelyn that explained a little of how we came up with her name. 

Her name was ultimately suppose to be Emily, after my Great-Grandmother, but in fear to making family mad we decided to change it. Its weird how we knew her name began with an 'E', but 'E' names just sounded good to us. Being that Hubs was in Iraq I brainstormed a lot more then he did. One day I was looking through a book on my Grandfathers past and I saw that his Grandmas name was Evelyn, suddenly I realized how much I really did like that name. I let Hubs know and he loved it too! So that's how it all came about.
If you read that post though it will tell you about her Middle Name too :)

Thanks for the Questions you 2! 


Chantal said...

Yay! I love hearing name stories :)

Morgan Neal said...

Love her name! And that I got mentioned. Haga

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