Monday, April 30, 2012

Yard Project

I've never really been a big fan of doing up the outside of the house. I loved watching my Dad do it and sometimes getting involved. But since Picerne at Bragg almost does nothing with the yards here the Hubs and I decided to tackle the yard.

At first it started off as getting the weeds and millions of cigarette butts out of the garden beds, and slowly that turned into yanking out bushes. We did all of that in a day. We didnt yank out too many bushes since it was a "spur of the moment" type of thing so we didnt pull out the bigger beasts, but the dead ones are now gone. Now that our "yard" looks a little better the Hubs and I have decided to make it a weekend project for us.

I kid you not I wouldnt recommend at least living in our Neighborhood at Bragg because we constantly have problems with the house and our yard wasnt ever cleaned up by previous owners or the neighborhood office. We have no grass, which is almost normal since its sand here and not dirt. I found empty beer bottles, oil cans with oil still inside and a huge amount of trash in the yard. Not to mention all the weeds they never got before we moved in.

The Hubs went about this with the saying "Leave it Better then you found it." I used to use that saying when we went camping! So we figured why not, at least this is on part we can control, and we are required to take care of.

Our plans are to dig up the rest of the bushes, lay down new wood chips, plant flowers and a few bushes. We'd love to lay down the tarp thing that stops weeds for future tenants but the fact that this yard has bushes and a huge tree, entirely too close to the house, there's not much we can do...and there is no way we're digging that tree up.

We'd love to buy a patio set and dress up our little deck area as well (backyard). Its going to be a big summer project, but it will be fun! Plus by the time The Hubs decides to get out of the Army hopefully we'll have a good green thumb and be able to tackle our own home! Practice makes perfect!

Here's a preview of what we did last night...I wish we had a before shot, but like I said it was sorta spur of the moment.

Just a general view of what the house looks like.

You can see how close the tree is to the house, 
the empty areas between bushes we pulled out the bush,
going to take the rest out.
Leaving the hedge and that mini tree, taking out the weird plant
and as you can see leaves from last year have to be picked up still.


zajanica said...

Looking great, I bet your sore today after all that cleaning up and de-weeding. Good luck with your upcoming projects. I know when we start one, we find about ten extra to come up with. :)

Morgan Neal said...

Where is that adorable flag we got a few weeks ago? ;)

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