Monday, May 21, 2012

10 Months!

Dear Evelyn,

That month flew by so fast! I can't believe your in double digit months! This last month you've grown up so much and I cant wrap my brain around how big you are! Your my little monkey girl! Your Daddy and I eat it up! Your turning into a toddler right before my eyes! I wish I could keep you a baby a little longer, but your growing up into a beautiful girl!

Love Mommy and Daddy

Diapers-Size 3!

Clothes- Finally out of 6 months and into 6-9 months.

Sleep- Sleep through the night. About 11 hours. Lately wants a bottle at 6am then go back to sleep. 2 naps a day for about an hour.

Food- Eating alot more regular foods. Love bread and love chicken! 

Teeth- You have 6 teeth now! and 1 molar on the way! 

Firsts- started to stand alone! not for too long but you'll do it. You dance! Play peek-a-boo really well. FINALLY said MAMA! You finally understand the word NO and hate when I say it. 


Kendall said...

Awww I have a little one too. My son turned one on the 5th and he just turned 18 pounds. He is in 6-9 month clothes as well. :)

Happy 10 months!

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