Monday, May 7, 2012

And Another.

**I want to thank everyone for the support on my Friends post! you guys are seriously the best, I have amazing readers!

I think the universe has it out for me lately. I know that sounds like another complaining post coming your way...but its not. I am not going to announce what has happened. Mainly because its a family issue, and a lot of our family doesn't know and I have a few family members who read this blog. But for my family just so you know, it will come out eventually. I'm sure you'll all know in a week or so.

I am pretty ready to have one great fabulous post! May is never my favorite month, it always seems to be a shitty month, despite the fact that its my birth month. I am looking forward to my birthday! So far it seems like the Hubs will be home on my Birthday for the first time EVER!! That's 3 birthdays of mine he has missed. But since he still doesn't have a school date I am not getting my hopes up.

Anyways...yepp. Hopefully I'll have something more to blog about soon. Until then its back to my housewife dutys!


Chantal said...

I have a rough time near my birthday for some reason too. Everything always craps out!

Audrey Spence said...

Man, sorry the start of May has sucked. I've always loved the month of May and was really glad Scott and I got married in May. It's usually just so nice with the nice spring weather and all. Well I hope the rest of the month is better and let's hope your bday is just freakin' awesome. As far as the fam stuff I can't say much since I don't know but I hope whatever it is that you're doing okay. At least you've got that ridiculously cute little girl to hang around every day. Sometimes having those kids keep you busy helps keep your mind off the bad stuff.

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