Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Birthday Day!

Saturday was my Birthday! Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! This was my 4th Birthday with my husband, but only the 1st time we had ever spent one together! He was always either in the field or his 2 deployments. So it was really great to spend it together! and really all I wanted was a DATE! We hadn't had a real date in months and I could tell we were becoming one of those parents who were content to never go out on a date. So no, I broke that habit pretty quick! Luckily I had an awesome Baby-sitter! Lyzz from Defying Gravity took Evelyn for a while and it was so nice! You can read about her Adventures in Baby Sitting <-- here.

The Hubs got me an iPad 2 for my birthday! I had been dying for one for over a year! I kept hearing about all the cool learning apps for kids, plus its a flippin iPad. I kinda guessed it and my husband is an awful liar so I caught on the day before, but he never admitted I was right and wouldn't let me open it till my birthday. My mom is amazing! She got us a printer! Which we really needed! I was over running to the neighborhood center just to print a receipt.

The Hubs took me to IHOP in the morning where Evelyn and I shared some red velvet pancakes MMM. After that we went to the mall to browse around. I am in desperate need of bras, and we learned that I dropped boob sizes! HECKA YES! and yes sizes not just a size. You woman who want large boobs don't know what your talking about! lol.

After we dropped off Evelyn with Lyzz we went to downtown Fayetteville. We walked around to all the little shops, even found a wine & beer shop where we got to taste some chocolate wine! So yummy! Then we went to the newly opened Wet Willies! Everyone told us to go and we had a good hour to kill before dinner so we decided to check it out. If you don't know what Wet Willies is, its a pre-made margarita bar in slushie machines! They have a whole wall lined with these slushie machines! Its pretty cool! We had dinner at Cira 1800 and it was really yummy! Not to mention the Apple Pie Martini I had was pretty yummy as well!!

We also went and saw What To Expect When Your Expecting...honestly it was funny. Not as funny as I thought it might be, lets face it pregnancy sucks and I thought they'd relate on that more, but they just showed different type of pregnancy's. I could tell the husband didnt find it as hilarious as I did. But he wasnt there for my pregnancy until the last week so he missed the parts where he should have been laughing at me.

After we picked up Evelyn we came home and I finally got my piece of cake! It was delish! It was honestly the best birthday I could have ever hoped for! I am so glad I got to spend it was my husband! He definitely is the best ever!


Joslin said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like a great day! I want to check out Wet Willies...my sister's at Pope, so I'll have to make her take me when I visit.

Mary Mack... said...

Sounds like your day was amazing!!

Andrea said...

Wet Willies can be mighty dangerous if you're not careful, especially the Call A Cab drink... very potent!

Our Little Fam said...


Mrs. Duh said...

Sounds like a great birthday, especially because your husband was able to spend it with you!

Kendall said...

We want to see that movie. :)

Chantal said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday!

Amanda said...

What a perfect birthday date. :) Sounds busy, eventful and celebratory.. all that it should be!

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