Thursday, May 24, 2012


I had my first FRG meeting yesterday here at Bragg. I was super surprised my FRG leader didn't introduce herself. I don't even know her name. Before most of us from Riley got here and a few other from other places this until didn't have ANYONE! So I was super surprised they didn't introduce the new guys. I am glad I didn't hold my breath on maybe making new friends there because, I didn't. I met one girl who's husband works with Hubs and she did not seem interested in hanging around me at all. I know that my husband is a super young SSG, and I am used to being the youngest one in a group, but just because I am younger doesn't mean I am immature or a baby. I am a Mom and a Wife, and I am grown up too! Just because you've had 5 more years or whatever more on this earth doesn't mean anything.

I was surprised that this FRG has a power point to the meeting...and the FRG leader didn't even give it, someone else did. Maybe this is how other FRG's work. Our one back at Riley was not at all like this. So it was pretty cool to compare. I certainltly like how they gave you a look at months to come. This Battery goes to the field almost every month, so I got a pretty good idea of what is going on. We got our official leave dates. We also got told we have a BBQ on Evelyn's Birthday and the next day is the start of leave. Looks like Evelyn's probably not going to get a very big day on her actual Birthday. We'll just have to do something in Utah.

I am really looking forward to hopefully getting to know a few wives. Hubs has a few men who's kids are the same age as Evelyn and we've been talking about doing a BBQ one weekend and letting everyone get to know eachother...its called who wouldn't totally die if I got them to baby-sit my kid. Just kidding, but no it will be fun! I am looking forward to doing things like that here. I had such great friends back at Riley, and I am hoping I can meet more girls out here and hopefully get some play-dates set up for Evelyn. She just loves kids!

I am so glad I got to meet a few blogging buddy's out here so that I do have some friends here. :)


Chantal said...

Our FRG was like that in Hawaii. Power point delivered by the company commander!

Mary Mack... said...

Every FRG is so different! Don't worry you'll make friends just be yourself! Sucks Evelyn can't have a big birthday bash!!

Amanda said...

FRG's just seem so hit or miss.. as do mil spouses.. blah. :/ Keep your chin up though!

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