Wednesday, May 16, 2012

one foot out the door.

Since we got here Hub's has yet to go to Airborne School. They told him he had 60 days to do it, and we both thought "man that's easy!" little did they tell us how many other things he had to do to even qualify to stay at his unit. So the last month that he has been with this unit he has been going through ruck marches, PT tests, safety tests and so on and so forth, while absolutely none of those things even help him qualify to go to Airborne School.

Since Airborne School is 3 weeks I was planning on flying home to Utah to see my family. So many things have happened since I left and with my Grandpa's Alzheimer getting worse, I feel a lot of the need to go home while I still can. Evelyn might absolutely hate me holding her on the plane but I don't really care. Since we decided I would go home, I have been dying for Hubs to come home with his dates for school so I can book my flight and go!

Little did I know that I have actually been riding his butt about these dates and getting it done so I can leave. He told me that I need to get off his back about it because he said it feels like I am pushing him out the door. Oops. Not my intention at all. I love my husband and want him to stay, and yes I miss home, but home will always be there and sadly my husband has so many training's and field's coming up that I am almost tarnishing that time with him to spend with us.

Yes, Hubs does need to get Airborne done! ASAP, and I have been reminding him to keep it in his mind, but I didn't mean to push him out the door and go! I already have one foot out the door ready to leave! Bad of me I know. But I have been super home sick. I am pretty glad I know I am going home in August while the Hubs is at ALC in OK, which will be super fun since my Mom and I will be taking a Vacation to Arizona to see my friends and Aunt. I'm really looking forward to that. Hopefully I can just stop and slow down again. Enjoy more time and stop pushing him out the door.

Ahh I miss this place...
(downtown salt lake city.)


Chantal said...

You're just excited to go! I understand that feeling!

Our Family of Four said...

So jealous haha. I miss Utah soooo bad! It's so gorgeous there.. *sigh*

AbbeyG said...

Don't feel bad, the whole thing is totally understandable! Waiting around for information ALWAYS sucks!

Amanda said...

Yeah that whole waiting thing.. it sucks. :/ Goodness.. airborne school is a big deal though.. since I am a new follower I'm not 100% on y'all's story but it is a great thing none the less!

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