Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wake Up!!

Rise and Shine!! Its going to hopefully be a beautiful day!

I decided that I have had way too many "down" post in the last week...3 is too much.

Thankfully I think I am figuring it out whats going on in my brain. I know that Post Pardon depression can last a while, and I was diagnosed with it after having Evelyn. I have also had depression my whole life, and since May is my absolutely horrid shitty month, that could explain a lot.

But yesterday I was going to get up and do something, but chose to stay home. Luckily I got to hang out with Lyzz from Defying Gravity for a little while again, which certainly made me feel a lot better!

Today I have promised myself to get up and be active in my day. I have many errands to run and I should just do them. Especially sending my Mothers Day gifts off...eeek!

What do you have planned today?


Elizabeth said...

Glad I could help a little bit.

Chantal said...

I'm busy today too! LLL meeting, grocery shopping, dentist appointment. Busy busy!

zajanica said...

:) Glad you are getting out some! :)

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