Thursday, May 17, 2012

too fast

Yesterday the Hubs and I finally decided on Evelyn's 1 year old Birthday Dress...yes you heard me...BIRTHDAY! I know its 2 months away but we really wanted to ease in all the purchases and not just suddenly drop a ton of money on her B-Day. So we bought her 2 outfits yesterday and that all we are buying her for her photo shoot and birthday party.

As soon as I hit "Submit Order" on the website, I cried. Lately I am really emotional...maybe its just the Mom in me now because I used to never be like this, but yes I looked at Evelyn and flat out told her what my mom used to tell me...."I am going to put books on your head so you stop growing." she looked at me and laugh...just like I used to do to my Mom. Now I finally see where she was coming from.

Anyone that is a Mom is going "yes I feel you on that!" anyone who is not a Mom is probably going "it can't go by that fast?"..just like I used to say and think. I honestly cant believe how grown up Evelyn is!I suddenly realize how much I am going to miss holding that little newborn and soon this little girl will be even more unwilling for me to rock her. She only wants me when she is teething now and even then she still fights it. She's preferring Daddy more then me. cue, broken heart but melting heart.

Since this is possibly our only baby, I really wish I could have some of the time back. But I really want to give Evelyn everything I possibly can. Spoil her rotten. I know time wont slow down anytime soon, but hopefully I can learn more on how to savor moments. Moments such as...Dancing to The Little Mermaid. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together. Teaching her to walk. Her beautiful funny personality that I hope never goes away. She's just like me! Also her always wanting to taste the lemon in my water at restaurants.

Like I said...Best personality!


Morgan Neal said...

Love that little girl! Can't wait to see y'all tomorrow!

Chantal said...

Soooo big! I understand, time does fly. I can't believe it's been 5 months already with Penny!

Mary Mack... said...

Today was Ruthie's first grade awards ceremony. I cried (I cry every year) but it's just going so fast! She will be the graduating class of 2023 and that sounds a lot closer than it used to! Hold on to little Eveyln while she's little!

Our Family of Four said...

It does go by so quick! Calee is now almost 19 months.. Which means closer to 2 and I can not even believe it! Each stage is so much fun, but you do desperately miss them being your tiny baby. Evelyn is such a doll!

____j said...

My daughter is 10 months old & I tell her all the time that she is growing too fast! I get super emotional when I look at pictures from when she was first born [& it's hard to even think she was that small]! Your daughter is adorable!

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