Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Breast VS Bottle Debate.

I have sorta had it with everyone giving people who gave their children formula a bad rap. I thought I would share my side since I did do both.

I totally believe that breast is best. I breastfed Evelyn for 4 months, and I loved it for the most part. When she was first born, she would get hungry fast and when she was hungry she was not willing to latch for me. I dont know if its because my milk didnt come fast enough for her or not, but there was no way I could get her to latch. I was forced to give her formula. I wasnt going to let her starve until she latched. She was too upset for me to even calm her down to give her my boob. It took me a few days to start catching onto her ques and thankfully I didnt have to give her formula more then a couple of times.

I breastfed for a while, and I enjoyed it. But I didnt enjoy that my husband couldnt stand it. Don't know why, he always hassled me about giving her formula and he couldn't stand not taking care of her. So I pumped. I tried to get my milk supply going and going. I wanted a stock pile in the fridge so my husband could no longer whine and complain. I didnt mind giving her a bottle, I didnt want her to be on formula, I wanted to give it a shot. But after P got home from Iraq, he was struggling in alot of ways and it turned into him being embaressed for me to breastfed Evelyn, which made me uncomfortable, so I gave up. I was already having struggles with her needing to be breast fed every 3 hours, and I felt like I could never have a life.

I tried. I felt like I gave it a good shot. I have vowed to myself that the next baby I will try harder, and I told the Hubby now that he knows how expensive formula is that he will be supportive of me, and let me do it! He has agreed. Hopefully he wont be deployed for my pregnancy so he can experience more of the experience with me.

I had to give Evelyn soy formula. She had a really bad reaction to milk-based formula, so onto Soy she went. As most of you know, she is now on Almond Milk, she cant stand milk, but luckily she is getting way better with things such as cheese.

Nothing was wrong with giving Evelyn formula. Of course I wish I could have given Evelyn my own milk, save the money and give her everything I could. I dont think there are many moms out there who dont want to give their child the best start in life that they can. Evelyn was fed when she was hungry, she got even more independant from drinking her bottle.

Evelyn was formula fed for 8 months, she is healthy and happy and a perfect little girl! She is not an alien or has some deformities because I didnt breastfed for longer.

Its honestly really bad how many woman rag on other woman for giving their child formula. Some woman cannot produce milk. Some woman have health issues. Some woman do not have the support, and some woman cannot do it for one reason or another. Its no ones business to give them crap about it. They are feeding and taking care of their own child the best way they can. I would never rag on another woman for choosing not to breastfed feed their child...because it is THEIR CHILD! Its their decision. Every parent has the right to make choices for their children, and I dont agree with many Moms in the blogging world about their parenting decisions, but its not my child, it is their child! And they have every right to make those choices and I do for my child. All us Moms are MOMS! I dont look at anyone different because they use cloth diapers, breast-feed, formula-feed, vacinate, dont vacinate, binkies or use disposable diapers. Your kid your decision. I support your decision as a Mom or a Dad.


Bethany said...


Alyssa James said...

As a mommy who also did both, I love this post!

I love your blog, therefore I have nominated you for a Blog Award! Here's the details: http://alyssagjames.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-liebster-blog-award.html

Chantal said...

When it comes to parenting, EVERYONE has their own opinion, right? I never realized how much of a mine field it was before I had a baby!

Our Family of Four said...

I never breastfed with Calee, and she is perfectly fine. I hate when people try to tell me that formula fed babies aren't healthy. In 2 years, Calee has had only ONE time that she has been sick, and that was just this past week.
Chloe was breastfed for a few months, but I had supply issues left and right so I stopped- and she actually does better on formula.
But I agree with you 100%, no parent is a bad parent by choosing one or the other. Everyone is entitled to making the choices they believe are right for their kids! Good post!

Natalie and Remington said...

Breastfeeding was also a hassle for me. I did it for 3 months had supply issues. I had to supplement with formula and then my baby got nipple confusion, it was such a battle. My husband also had a hard time with me breastfeeding. He felt like he couldn't love me the way he wanted too haha... I hate when people judge like that.

Amanda said...

Amen... I don't even have children and I get annoyed with the one way is better than another debate!

Rhe Christine said...

That's the second time I've heard of a hubby acting like that...so strange. maybe it was part of the deployment and this is a way it manifested itself. That probably didn't help in the encouragement department but I"m glad you guys have communicated about it. The hubbs never had a problem with it, but I think its hard for guys to adjust to women going from just a sexual figure to them to being more than that. I actually have a girlfriend that struggled with that more than her man did. I think it will get better with the next one. I breastfed my last one (who is 10 months now) for 8 months until he self-weened himself (talk about bummed out man). I struggled with both of my previous two - two months with the first one and 6 months with the second. The way other women (especially my MIL and her friends) behaved about my struggles did more damage to me than anything else. Women complain about so much stuff and the way we are treated...its us doing it not anyone else.

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