Friday, August 31, 2012

What I am listening/reading/watching

**In Oklahoma till Tuesday if you'd like to meet up (in the FT. Sill area) then let me know. Comment below of get ahold of me on twitter (@OptimisticArmyW)**


Re-Reading; 50 Shades of Grey. Trying to save money so no buying books for a while. Already  re-read The Hunger Games. Maybe I'll re-start the Sookie Stackhouse Novels soon.

Listening to...

My current playlist on my itouch is..

Pound the Alarm By: Nicki Minaj
Dare You To Move By: Switchfoot
2 Become 1 By: Spice Girls
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together By: Taylor Swift
We Run The Night (ft Pitbull) By: Havana Brown
Some Nights By: Fun.
Somebody That I Used To Know By: Gotye
Bangarang By: Skillrex


Just finished True Blood...amazing.
Pretty Little Liars (just finished)
Teen Mom (over with...not too sad.)
Gossip Girl...on Netflix (I'm all about Blair)
Dexter (my favorite seriel killer)
Sons of Anarchy (umm yummy-hello Jax!)
Keeping Up With The Kardashians (yepp..I'm a loser)
Married to Jonas (Dani is too cute!)
Weeds (sad its ending)

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Jen said...

YES!!!!! I am a HUGE fan of Sons of Anarchy, September 11th can't come soon enough. I am ready for the new season. :)

Rhe Christine said...

Hi, so glad you're following me on Cammo Style Love and thanks for the comments ;) this reminds me of the Currently blog hop I usually join on thursdays if I can remember it! LOL! You should review books. That's how I get a lot of the books I read (I'm giving some away on my blog right now). I also made finding a book store when we moved here to DC really high on my priority list. I had this darling paperback store I went to where I would bring back books and get credit so I could get new ones. I finally found one here and it reminds of the one at home *sigh*
Anyway, when we do a road trip to visit some friends I might have to make a pit stop at bragg! LOL

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