Thursday, August 23, 2012

Missing NC

Before I got to Utah I was so excited to come see family, be with my friends, take some breaks from being a Mommy and of course eat some delicious food. But as it turns out I am really missing my normal life.

If I went back now, it would be pretty pointless. My husband is still off doing trainings so my house is empty. If I was there I would be wishing I was in Utah.

I miss my life. I never thought I'd see the day...I am truley an adult, and I dont think I have seen that until I got back to Utah. I love living my life away in North Carolina, living with my husband, rasing my child, having our own things, and most importantly...being an actualy adult and not worrying about offending other people with the things I do, say or even buy.

While life in Utah should be perfect, its really not. With a sick Grandpa, a brother in and out of trouble, a nephew destroying Evelyn's things, and my little sisters problems, I am looking forward to getting my life back to my perfect normal. I thought I would get along with my SIL alot more this time around, and thats not the case so my brother and I hardly hang out.

My friends are awesome...the few I have. But one is going through a divorce and the other is constantly in a make-up/break-up relationship. I concider it bad mojo, and I try to not involve myself in drama that I cannot help with from 3,000 miles away. Dont get me wrong, I am there for my friends, but when I leave, there is not much I can do, so I dont want them to rely on me and then me leave.

I'm thinking next time I will be staying for a lot shorter of a time. But I'm doing my best to enjoy my time and enjoy the time I have left with family.

How do you feel about coming home for such long periods of time?


Chantal said...

I get that way. I like my space and my home. It's funny how that happens!

wHiT | Black Little Button blog said...

awe to be honest i haven't had to go home for a long time yet, the husband and I have just started living together, but i'm sure if something were to happen and we wanted to save money, I would end up at his parents...but i'll cross that bridge when i get there. :)

Our Family of Four said...

i dont go home for that reason! lol. i mean, yeah i miss everyone so much and love when we do go to utah- but i like being away living our own life. and i prefer to be here by myself, raising my kids the way i want without everyone elses opinion and stuff- so i just stay! but i am jealous you are in utah, so enjoy it for me ;)

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