Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Food Addicts

So I said I was starting a new diet...and I have. I started yesterday morning.

In Food Addicts (FA) they believe in eating very clean. No flour and no sugar. All of it a toxin and makes our body's addicted to these things we dont need. I wont denie it..its not my favorite choice of diet, but concidering that I have been trying alot of things over the year, I am willing to give it a shot!

Yesterday morning I woke up and had 2 fried eggs and 6oz of fresh fruit...very yummy! about 3 hours later, all I could think about was Chocolate Cake! Now my mom said that I would go through withdrawls and have major cravings, and since she's been doing the diet since January (lost 65 pounds!) she told me to chew that desert gum. Worked wonders!

I dont think I am really going through withdrawls right now..but I am waiting for them to come. I have withdrawled from Caffiene before and it was like you'd think I had been on drugs for years...I was throwing up and had the shakes so bad. I

I had 6oz of chicken and 6oz of corn for lunch, and for dinner I got a yummy turkey burger patty, tomato and sweet potato fries! It was pretty delish...but I feel like I'm starving. More gum in my mouth!

I'm really going to give this a shot, and it helps that my Mom is doing this diet too. I dont plan on making this a life long thing, but I am willing to do it for my health! I am really serious about getting this horrid weight off me.

Heres just an idea of what my life is like right now with food...


Chantal said...

You'll adjust, don't worry. We eat super healthy but I even had some withdrawals when I stopped eating grains and started juicing more. It's your body getting rid of the toxins. Keep it up! After the worst day or two, you'll feel amazing.

sree wify said...

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santa said...

Thousands of people have attended Food Addicts meetings around the nation in an effort to deal with overeating and weight gain. Thanks a lot.
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