Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Let it out.

Thank goodness for my friend Mary for posting her vent post...because honestly...I am like a time bomb. My brain is full with way too much information.

I have my Grandpa on my mind so much, and he is just getting worse and worse by the day. Our money situation went from steady to broke in a matter of 1 day which honestly hasn't happened in like 2 years. I want to punch Springleaf (lenders) in the face because they only accept checks and we're too dumb to see if the check went through after 3 weeks....ya fuck checks. I miss having our "normal" life with P, Ev and I together in one house.

I feel like I am drowing in emotions. I am thinking I need my life to be normal. My brain is having a hard time with me going from doing barelly anything at all, as far as house work. I could clean the house yes...but do I...nope its too big, and its not my house.

I'm kicking ass on my breaking.

I am just overwhelmed. I'm sorry to say it. I can't think of blogs, and I have a ton of drafts because I know I am bullshitting the post just so I can give people something to read. I am too busy in my mind to think of blogs. So this is probably going to be a break for a while.
Which sucks since I just got a new design done...I'll still post it. I also might be changing my Blog Name to "Evelyn's Mommy" or "Being Liz" since ya know...I rarelly blog about army life anymore.

I'll keep updating my twitter and instagram...but I am pretty sure thats about it.

I just need everything to settle down.

My brain needs a break. I cannot wait till end of September so I can get my life back to normal living in North Carolina again.


Mary @ This is How My Garden Grows said...

I keep chanting "at the latest March of 13. the latest he can come home is March of 13. He's safe he's not deployed. This is a choice suck it up." but normal would be so wonderful right now. :) Vent anytime. there's no rules. good job sticking to your diet! I want more McDonald's lol

Katie said...

It sounds to me like you need to take a step back and take a deep breath! Unfortunately, life lvoes to get crazy on us and then it laughs in our faces as it watches us try to deal with all the stupid curve balls it throws, but you'll get through it! Keep venting! It always makes me feel better. :)

Chantal said...

Take a break if you need it!

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