Friday, August 17, 2012

New New New

I have once again decided to change my blog design! I like to switch it all up every now and then, and while my other design was more me when I was pregnant and going through a deployment. I am now in a different part of my life, where I am pretty obsessed with cupcakes and being more out there and having alot more fun. I guess becoming a Mom made me more girlie too.

Once again I hired Miss Brea to do my design! You can check out her site right here. She really is the best, and cant help but love that military discount!

I also have changed my name. While I am keeping the domain for now, I am now trying to free up the name for anyone else who wants/needs it. I decided that my "declaring" army wife wasnt working when I stopped writting so much about moving, deployment and of course Army life. I thought Liz's Diary suited me more. Its a been there been done name but I know it fits me.

I hope you all accept my new name and new blog design! I love it!


Chantal said...

Super cute!! I love it!

Morgan Neal said...

LOVE it! I was like did I start following someone new?! Hahah.

____j said...

Your new layout is too cute! Love the name change as well :)

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