Wednesday, August 29, 2012

raising a picky eater

Before I got to Utah I could pretty much get Evelyn to eat anything. She loved food, she loved meats and fruits and she ate everything I gave her. When I got to Utah she did the same things, she became a fan of this "when I am done eating or hate what I'm getting I'll throw it on the floor" thing. After P had to go back to NC, Evelyn started not eating anything like she used to.

I am sure some of this no eating thing is too many changes in her little life. In one home and into another, Daddy leaving and alot of new people. I try my best to make her life a little easier. But I have to admit when the only thing she will eat is fruits or PB&J, it can get very frustrating and I am lucky my parents are here because if I was alone and she was doing this, I'd probably cry every. single. night.

I have decided to start buying baby food again, as much as it was nice to not be buying it anymore, she just still has her days where the only thing she will eat is fruit. While fruit is good for you, its not good to have a ton of it.

Hopefully my picky eater will go back to her normal when we get back to NC...less then a month now! :)

smearing baby food on herself.


Chantal said...

I hope she figures herself out!

Jen said...

I'm a new follower! I see you are at Fort Bragg. We just left there in May after 4 years. Looking forward to reading your blog. :) The Adventures of our Army Life

Rachel Ginz said...

My nephew is a terrible picky eater too! We go out to restaurants and try to get him to eat the yummy food and all he want is bread and butter, hah. Here's hoping it gets better!


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