Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FA Update

So its been what...2 weeks since I started my journey with No Flour and No Sugar? I gotta tell you its not easy! But I actually feel like a weight has been lifted on my head...litterally. After my withdrawls I started to feel this pressure, that I never knew I was feeling, lift off me. It felt good to have alot of energy!

I wont denie it either...I have had 2 sodas...regular sodas, in my 2 weeks to help with my headaches, since tylenol and ibprofin might as well have been candy. Best decision because my headaches went away almost instantly.

I have lost...

8 pounds!

Since I started my journey. I am sure if I was watching my intake a little better I would have lost more. But I have snacked on grapes, peaches, and all sorts of yummy fresh fruits and veggies!

My pants are getting looser! Which is ANNOYING! Awesome but annoying! I do my errands and then I am into my yoga pants cause lose pants drive me nuts!

I am hoping this next week I am going to stick to this better, because I'll admit I had a skinny cow ice cream. It was delish. But I am working towards getting better!

I'm also hoping I can try out the neighborhood gym when I get back to Bragg and see how Evelyn does with the playroom now that she is walking.

I also plan on making me a little poster in my bathroom with this saying! Its not about the number on the scale..its about how you feel!


Chantal said...

Great job!! 8 pounds is wonderful!

I'm having a pants issue too... I have like two that fit! They're all too big!

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