Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Decor Pt. 1

Halloween is by far my favorite Holiday! I love spooky things, ghosts, pumpkin anything, costumes! Everything about it is awesome! I have been known by my family and friends to start searching for Halloween decor inside and out from the day it hits the shelves. This year since I was home for a while I got to do alot of crafts for it! Thank you Pintrest!! At the bottom of this post will be the links to the crafts if you'd like to do them or Pin for later :)

This would be the bar that seperates my living room and dinning room. You might remember Ghost, Frankenstien and Pumpkin that I did before. I gave a Pumpkin away on a giveaway a few weeks ago! Most of these things I found at a shop called Tai Pan Trading Co in Salt Lake City, and just random spots. P and I love that Skull you see on #3 it lights up on the inside.

This is ontop of my fridge, you might notice the coupons behind the witch hat. These witch hates light up and the pumpkin with the ghost lights up as well. I love my metal spider too! I have been meaning to spray paint it with glitter.
This came from P a few years ago, before we got married. I was having a bad day at work and he sent me a flower arrangment. The flowers are fake now but I made it pretty close to the arrangment he did give me. Oh and I kept that card. What a dork.
Do you like my little Ghost lattern? another boutique find :)
This is another craft I did at home. Evelyn's cute little feet!! I just love this!! I cant wait to do one for Christmas!

These little guys I got at Target last year that I displayed on my staircase. This year they are little guys Evelyn loves to play with. They end up all over the house. Her favorite is the pumpkin guy.
My front door! I love my little spiders! They are a craft and are also on my front door.. I got my cute little sign at Hobby Lobby last year.

Tomorrow I'll be doing my outside...and wont be such a big post!

Heres a few links to the crafts in these photos.

1, 2, 3 - The Pumpkin, Frankenstein and Ghost Blocks Click Here

Insperation for Evelyns Ghost feet - Click Here

Magnet Spiders - Click Here


Jen said...

Everything looks great, I love it! :)

Katie F said...

Love it! Can you come decorate my house? An why can't I still be stationed at Bragg. We could have craft days while the girls played

Chantal said...

Super cute! I'm not creative like you haha

MrsMcDancer said...

I can't just pick one favorite, because all of your decorations are simply fabulous!

AbbeyG said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE the "ghosts of Evelyn" craft.. I am so determined to do this now! What did you use to make it?

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