Thursday, October 18, 2012

Life with a 1 nap a day child.

I seriously LOVED the 2 naps a day, I did. I hoped and prayed it would never go away, even into her teen years, cause God know's I'll need it then. But I always hoped Evelyn would love her naps.

My child loves the world, she loves the play she is content to entertain herself while I do things, such as write this blog. So the fact that she has found more energy that she decided to not take her 2nd nap...burns me out.

I used to sit down and lounge with a book or the TV or clean...mainly clean or do whatever I had to do with the TV to listen to. Now its like....I have an hour..maybe sometimes 30 minutes to do what I got to do. It tough I wont denie it. I am used to those 2 naps and getting at least one nap to sit and be myself for a minute. Now I don't get that.

I love my child to death and I absolutly love being a stay at home mother, and I hope I can continue that for a long time. But I am having a hard time adjusting to it, I miss having that spare time to be me. I got to find some way to be myself, to be my blogger-self, be Liz and be just a person.

Evelyn and I are starting to work on her schedule a little more. She wakes up at 7:30 and I should probably start waking up at 7. She goes down for her nap at 11:30...and usually its a fight. But I am working on it still. P and I think she's just hungry and thats why she's having a hard time going to sleep, so tomorrow we will be eating and then going to bed and seeing if that helps her nap longer, or if it makes no difference.

Evelyn cannot tell me she's hungry so dont think I am being mean and putting my kid to bed hungry.

I didnt think it would take this long to get her settled into a different routine but it is. So I appologize for not blogging. I am still trying to find the time to be Evelyns Mom/ P's Wife/Housekeeper/Blogger/Liz.


Chantal said...

Ugh I am not looking forward to one-nap days. I like the two naps!

____j said...

Adelei started doing the one nap a day thing about two months ago. Every now and again I get lucky and she'll take two. I miss them so much!

Our Family of Four said...

That switch from 2 to 1 is super hard! I miss those days so much haha. But, this is just my opinion/advice.. I am BIG on naps. Not only does Calee need them, but I need that break. So we are very strict that at the same time every day it's nap time. Wither she sleeps or not it's up to her, but I don't let her out of her room. If she decides not to sleep, I just let her stay in there with her books and toys, but I tell her it's quiet time. Most of the time she falls asleep anyway, but no matter what she has some sort of relaxation time during the day.
I think schedules are really important. People are always impressed that my kids are so strict on schedules. Nap time and bed time NEVER change. I think it really helps kids sleep better/ act better.
But anyway. Sorry thats a novel! LOL!

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