Friday, October 19, 2012

The day I slammed my head on the monkey bars.

I have been really bad about taking Evelyn to the park. Mainly because #1 I dont really like to interact with people, I am shy and hate introducing myself, so if there is people around giving you that awkward smile of "oh its ok your here", I give the smile of "your going to kidnap my child"....yepp. Thats probably why I know not one of my neighbors because I can't ever make the 1st commitment into a conversation.

So one day I braved up the courage and decided what the heck, after I finished the chores I put Evelyn into her stroller and went to a park near the house.

Mistake #1...apperently this park is more Big Kid friendly, I didnt realize that from just a glance when driving by that its really for 7 and up ages. So even though I tried to do a few things with Evelyn, the fact that the only way to get to a slide was through a tube she was scared of was fail.

Mistake of my neighbor's daughters came over and was talking about dead bodies. I left almost immeditly after they got there.

Mistake #3...I forgot that you need to look up when you climb the freaking things. I put Evelyn up on one of the landings and went to pull myself up and BAM!! Slammed my damn head so hard on the monkey bars, my head got fuzzy, I felt like I broke my head. Still to this day its a little sore.

I remember why I hate the park.

But I will be going to the park again.


Chantal said...

Aw I love the park! Buuut I'm more social and Penny is pretty brave, she'll climb anything.

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