Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello from Fort Bragg

This woman has been home for about 5 days now. Its been nice! I missed my house and I am so glad I deep cleaned before I felt because I have so much LAUNDRY and even more CLEANING and DECORATING to do. Seriously if I could make the choice no one would be allowed in my house. I never let it get this dirty looking and there is stuff everywhere!! Not to mention my DVR decided to delete EVERYTHING....JOYS!
I haven't had much time to do reading but I don't have any scheduled posts for the next little bit so i decided I would hurry and write a post!
P came home on Saturday and he came with his bags lost...AGAIN! Yes AGAIN! They lost his bags on the way to Lawton, OK and on the way back to Fayetteville. Oh geeze. He also surprised me by showing up with a black eye. Hubby apparently got in a fight at a bar and didn't want to tell me because I would have been mad. Damn right...so now I make jokes about when I nudge his ribs that they are broken since he gets squeamish. Damn boys. At least he hit him back.
On Sunday we took off to Myrtle Beach, SC it was everyones first time going and it was a nice little mini vacation after almost 4 months apart. Worth it!!
Anyways I have got to get back to picking up and cleaning my ass off. The joys! The Joys!!

Heres a little photo for you :)
Yes Evelyn is rocking the Duck Lips.:)


Jen said...

I actually really miss Fort Bragg, our 4 years there were amazing! Glad you are back home and settled. :)

Chantal said...

Love Evelyn! How funny is she!

And I'm glad you're home!

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