Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's going on at my house..

I really feel like I have lost my blogging pace. I used to be able to sit and read blogs and have enough time to schedule some posts. Latley I have no time, pretty much since I got back to NC, and its probably because I had my Mom here and still just have a shit ton of things to do. I keep finding out that I ran out of cleaning supplies so my house isnt as clean as I like it but its ok since I cleaned before I left for that 4 months. I so had expired things in my fridge that I didnt check before I went shopping, and its not that I cant grocery shop again but because we get paid a few days earlier I would rather wait.

Evelyn has also decided two naps a day is not for her anymore. So I do not have those times during the day to blog and to read when I still have other things going on. I am still figuring out the time Evelyn is ready to nap for her now one nap a day so that its not too early and not too late and figuring out if she needs a new bedtime and so on and so forth. Seems like everyday is different for the girl.

We also started the process of weaning her off the Paci...its harder then Ithought! But I cut the Paci's tip and bam we are in the process so now going back now!

P is back at work and working long hours. Its driving me nuts. I never know when he is home and I never know anything. Freaking sucks. But I am trying to adjust. I realize my day has to move on a schedule because of Evelyn, so if he's not home to eat when Evelyn is ready then he will just have to heat up his dinner.

I really feel like a scatter brained mess. I am sorry if I am lacking in being out there with you all...I am just really trying to adjust back to life here and figuring out more of my Mommy things. Bare with me folks!


Jen said...

Sounds like a lot going on! I'm sure everything will settle back into normal.

Chantal said...

You're busy!

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