Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too Fast!

I am turning into a clique mom. You know the ones that always is saying, "Oh they grow up so fast!" "enjoy it now" "oh poop ya poop" ya know and the ones who talk about their birthing experience at the dinner table. Manners I know. But really I had no idea. You wont have any idea either until its your own child growing up before your eyes.

I have a 10 year old nephew named Mackey. He is so adorable and so smart! He lived in Sweden for a few years and got to go to Ireland and Spain and I think a few more countries. Everytime I see him I am so proud of him and how big he is getting. But its nothing compared to Evelyn.

I seriously crave my little newborn again who wanted to cuddle and just loved all over her Mommy. I was her entire world. Now she is 14 months old and the world is her playground! She see's so many new things all day and just wants to explore everything she can. Mommy is no longer the center on her universe and while I am so glad I do not have a clingy baby, sometimes I wish she wanted her Mommy a little more.

Now I hear Evelyn answering my questions with an almost clear as day, Yes or No. She says "Ink" aka Drink, Juice "uuice" says Daddy and Dada, says "Ay!" aka Play. I mean seriously. Its like where did she learn how to talk? and boy I cannot wait to hear what is on her mind! She climbs all over the room as high as she can go! Cant climb it? go grab something to balance on and try it that way. She loves other people, no stranger danger at all! Oh and this girl certainly has a Sassyness going on.

Her little mind is just soaking up everything! Its a joy and I am also scared as hell I am going to screw her up in some way.

Its definitely a huge journey that I still am navigating through. But I love it! I love that she is so in love with the movie Tangled...even to the point of knowing when the dancing and running scenes happen so she can act it out too. Maybe a future actress on our hands or a dancer?

I am definitely enjoying the journey of being Evelyns Mommy. She's all my joy. But I do wish it would slow down a tad bit! I'd love to enjoy this stage a little more, and that's what I am going to be working on.


Jen said...

Oh goodness, I love her dress!!! She looks so cute.

Chantal said...

They do grow up too fast. And I must be one of those moms because I have no problem talking about poop... :P

Lou said...

She is growing fast!!! She is freaking cute though!

Our Family of Four said...

I think becoming one of those moms just happens! Lol. I feel like I don't know how to even have a conversation with someone unless it relates to children! ;)
Evelyn is a doll, and trust me.. the time goes quicker with the 2nd.. if you guys decide to have another :)

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