Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How I Met My Husband...

I was totally inspired by Christine @ Hooah and Highchairs story of how she met her husband (and if you click that link it will send you to her story), and decided to write about how I met my husband.

When I was 19, I had just finished my little "immature party stage", I needed a break to get away from all the drama of pulling away from friends and getting my life back on track. My friend Kylie lived at Fort Riley with her husband and daughter. Her husband's name was Thomas and Thomas was about to deploy for his first time to Iraq, so I thought I would head out there and visit them, for about 10 days to see them and say goodbye.

When I got there almost immediatly they wanted to show me around Fort Riley and for some reason they wanted to go to the PX...if you have been to a PX you know there is a food court before you walk into the actual PX area, so as we were walking in, suddently I saw this man in a dirty white shirt and jeans, walking out of the PX, my heart probably had a surge cause I remember the feeling of shock running through my body, he smiled, I smiled and I turned away knowing I would never ever have the guts to talk to him...suddenly he turns and says "Hey Thomas how you doing??"...WHAT?!? I seriously turned bright red, he introduced himself and all I could think was thank god I look hot today. They talked about hanging out soon and I was so excited!! I immediatly told Kylie he was HAWT!.
During this time Thomas and Kylie did not want me to meet P, they wanted me to date this boy who turned out to be P's roommate. He wasnt my type he has just ya...no.

So one day P came over for a little party to Kylies and Thomas's where I tried to get P's attention so badly, but not in a trashy way. He didnt seem intrested so  acted like I didnt care. But later one when he got he alone he kissed me for the first time. :)

Over the next few days he and I had our first date and even spent a few hours on Guard Duty together. After I flew home to Utah he flew to California for his 2 week leave before deployment and we spent the whole time talking, and then finally made our relationship really offical. But making it offical ment me making the commitment to wait for him for 12 months.
Deployment #1 Day he left.

After 12 months I was there waiting for him! After that he met my family, we went to Hawaii for a week, I went to California and met his family where we got ENGAGED!!

A few days after we got engaged we flew to Utah where he insisted on us getting married in the courthouse and we did!

I'm beyond blessed to of had such a whirlwind of a relationship and a marriage! I have loved every single minute of it! He is a wonderful husband and a wonderful fantastic father! I couldnt be happier with anyone else.


Nicole said...

I love hearing how people met! This is such a cute story!

Jen said...

Such a sweet story! :)

Chantal said...

Sweet story!

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