Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Swap!

My Summer Swap partner was Jamie @ This is Me; Consequently. I was really excited to do this! Last time I did a swap it was a Christmas and the girl who got my package hated it and it was clear that she didnt like it. Even though I got her what she said she liked. So when I saw the Summer Swap up on Flip Flops and Combat Boots I thought I'd give it another go! and Luckily I really like Jamies blog.

Isnt it cute! Jamie did such a good job and I am really thrilled with the package! She said her summer must is Sweet Tea. Now me now living in The South I have come to realize how much I should start liking this stuff! The fact that it is in a Mason Jar is too adorable and I am looking forward to sitting on the porch drinking some Sweet Tea out of my Mason Jar, just like you see on Pintrest!
She also got Evelyn a Bow! Too sweet of her! I forgot to put it in the picture but its Yellow and Orange! And I have the perfect outfit for her to wear it with!

I love that Jamie got me this...little does she know I've been eyeing this on Etsy for a while! So I was so excited when I saw this! I cannot wait to put it on and wear it!

Thank you so much for the Summer Package Jamie! It's wonderful!!

What is your must have during the summer time?


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