Monday, July 9, 2012

Milk or Soy

When Evelyn was about 3 months old, I had a doctors appointment and I was in a rush and didnt have time to pump a bottle for her, I hadnt ever breastfed in public and I was extremely on edge about doing so, so I had a ton of free samples of formula and I made her a bottle for my appointment. I decided it wouldnt hurt for her to have one bottle and I knew she wouldnt really eat it either but I just needed something to take the edge off for her. Hubs was deployed and I was all alone so I just did what I thought was best at the time. After my appointment Evelyn got kinda sick. She threw up a good meal, and it had to of been everything that was in her tummy, so I assumed the formula was forever a no go for her. She however continued to throw up that day and the next day. So I took her to the ER. After explaining that that has been the only change in her diet and mine he told me that she was possibly allergic to milk (the formula was milk-based), so if I ever gave her formula again to do Soy. So when the Hubs talked me out of breastfeeding we put Evelyn on Soy-Based Formula. So far she's done very well with it!

I started giving her the Yo-Baby yogart about 2 months ago and she's done great! She's had a few grilled cheese sandwhiches for lunch, however when we gave her string cheese she was not at all happy and threw up a bit from it.

Now that she is almost 1 is almost time to take her off formula and put her on cow's milk. I am however worried that she wont do well with it though. So I am debating constantly about if I should keep her on Soy or try Milk again. I havent had time to set up insurance for her yet since we got to Utah..we have to change from South to West...(which BTW TriCare is stupid...I'm grateful for it but its stupid sometimes) So I thought I would ask my readers if they have any advice on this topic.

I've heard that until their actually birthday they cannot have milk so I havent tried at all. But I do want to transition her on her birthday. Be done with Bottles and onto the Sippys and done with Formula and onto Soy or Milk.

Which would you choose and why?


Our Family of Four said...

Calee had to be on Soy formula from the time she was like 4 weeks old- but once her birthday rolled around we tried cows milk and she hasn't had a single problem since! So, I would say just try the cows milk. Give her a very small amount at first like 1 or 2 oz and see how she does with it. If all seems good, give her a little more, then a little more.. etc.

Our Little Fam said...

Agree with above. Gideon is on Soy, his reaction to lactose was severe. Once he is older, we will attempt cow's milk and see. I would start out with a very small amount, if she reacts then change, if not try some more. There are also other milks that they have talked with me about, such as almond milk,, rice milk, etc. If she reacts to cows milk and doesn't want soy you can try those too. Good luck!

Chantal said...

First, do you have to switch Tricare regions? I thought you were only there for a short time!

Second, she might've had a milk sensitivity when she was younger, but a lot of babies grow out of it. Though yogurt and cheese is processed differently than milk, so pure milk could still bother her stomach. You could always try a bit and see!

I'd also look at another alternative to soy, because it can change their hormones and stuff. Almond milk is supposed to be pretty good.

Penelopie said...

My friend has a daughter who was the same way with formula, and so they switched her to soy. She is now drinking whole milk. As it turns out it was not the milk base that she was allergic to but the entire formula for that brand. She never had a lactose problem like doctors first believed. Her younger brother is now having the same reactions to the soy formula that she had to regular formula. So My friend believes that its whatever ingredients they are putting in the formula today that many kids are allergic to, not the milk per say.

You should try fresh raw milk if you are near a farm or even goats milk they are the best nutritionally and naturally. Based on research, people who have been diagnosed with lactose intolerance are able to drink these types of milk because they naturally produce extra lactose that the body intakes and is able to digest the milk. Secondly as Chantal mentioned, Almond milk is actually very good and you can make it yourself! Soy is rapidly becoming one of the worst milk s out on the market. More than 80% of all products that contain soybeans are GMO! So unless you know for certain that the company you are buying from is using non-GMO soy, I wouldn't bother to feed that trash to your beautiful daughter. All GMO foods have had their DNA altered and studies show that they have many health consequences. Here is a site that can get you started on researching these different types of milks. They explain which ones are bad/good and why. Hope it helps.

____j said...

When Adelei was 11 1/2 months old, I started mixing her formula with milk. So if she was drinking a 4 oz bottle it would be 2 oz of formula & 2 oz of milk. Then at 12 months, it made the transition to whole milk really easy & she had no problem with it. I would say for you to just try it & see how she handles it. Definitely try mixing it with her formula at least for a few days to get her used to it.

Cindy @ Marriedtothemilitary {dot} net said...

I agree with almond milk unless you have any nut allergies in your family
...i would start her on only 1 ounce a few timea a day and if she is fine i would use almond milk. Soy is what they make menopause medications out of.

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