Friday, July 6, 2012

Teaser for Hubs.

Oh the 4th of July my cousins came up in their new Harley Davidson Motorcycles. Of course everyone got out and watch checking it out and watching them ride them around. I myself am terrifed of Motorcycles..I have my reasons. I know way too many people who have been dumb on them and not wore helmets and wrecked and almost died. So I am not a fan of them, however the Hubs is always talking about getting a Motorcycle of a Big Ram Truck. Since his car is payed off he wants a new one, but I'm making him wait until my car is payed off before we get into more then we can handle.
My cousin owns a very nice Harley and I knew my husband would be flipping out over it! So I did what any wife would do...and let Evelyn get on it. Not mobile of course. But my cousin gave me some great advice on what to do when we go look for a bike, when that time comes. So I sent the Hubs this....

Esecially giving him permission to buy a bike when the time is right.

As much as I would rather him have a truck then a bike...I have to admit there is something about bikes. And this was one hot bike. Something about riding on the back of the bike with my hubby sounds....exciting.
One day when the time is right...He will get the licence, he will get the right gear and then he can buy the hot bike he wants. Maybe one day....maybe...I'll want to ride it by myself...or worse, get my own! Hey it would be fun to ride next to eachother one day in the future right?


Chantal said...

Motorcycles make me nervous too. Luckily Brandon isn't in a hurry to get one, even though 3 of our neighbors have them!

____j said...

Aaron really wants a motorcycle, too & he asks me all of the time if he can get one.

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