Tuesday, July 10, 2012

so far in Utah...

Its been pretty boring. I almost feel like I could have done everything I am doing here, back in North Carolina. But that being said...

My sister had some emergancy surgery on Friday. She had had surgery in April on her intistines when they twisted up in her stomach. This surgery could have been related to the one of Friday. My sister has a shunt in her head and the shunt was plugged and apperently it was plugged for a LONG time. The surgon said when he opened her head the shunt flew out of her, it was that bad! Thankfully my parents had caught onto her low-grade fever that wouldnt ever go down and took her in to be sure! She was relased the next day from the hospital and seems to be back to being her same ol' self...but my parents have noticed her low-grade fever hasnt really broke yet. So they are keeping an eye on it and if it doesnt go down, they'll call her doctor again. But I hope for my sisters sake that she's done with surgery for a while!

My Aunt from Arizona came up and it was a nice visit. I got my niece and nephew up from Southern Utah and thats been a blast too. Its weird being an Aunt to a 13 year old! My other nephew Mac is in Maine right now with his Mom and Step-Dad so I havent seen him yet but his birthday is on the 12th! So I'm super excited to celebrate with him!!

Evelyns Birthday is coming up and so I am in party planning mode all over again...and I really hate it. This town only has a walmart for party supplies so if I want to shop for different things I must drive 30 mintues to Salt Lake City to search for them.

I've also fallen in love with this show called....Pretty Little Liars. I am almost done with Season 2 and I will probably have to download season 3 and try ot catch up on 4...anyone know where I can see Season 3 without buying it for 40 bucks on itunes?

Anyways...so I know my blogging might get a little boring and a little....ehh not so stable anymore...but I just dont have too much going on right now.
I miss my car!


Chantal said...

I hope your sister recovers quick!

Audrey Spence said...

Poor Alisha. She's had it tough recently. She is so lucky to have your parents to take care of her. And I checked on Hulu for Pretty Little Liars. You can watch season 3 online at abc family I think. Oh and I'm excited for Evelyn's bday party! Yay!

____j said...

I'll be praying for your sister! Also, I really like Pretty Little Liars, too!

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