Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Too Much at Once.

I started the process of weaning Evelyn off of Formula and the Bottle on Saturday. Its been going very well! I've been quite impressed that she's loving the sippy cup! We've introduced the sippy before and she was never intrested in it especially when her formula was in there, but slowly she came around to having juice, and only juice in there. But I didnt want to associate juice with her bottle so I rarelly ever put it in her bottle.

I tried both Whole Milk and Almond Milk with Evelyn and she absolutly hated Whole Milk, she spit it out if it was in her mouth and she just didnt take to it. So She's just been on Almond Milk, and she drinks that all the time!

Currently Evelyn is getting in Molars and then with all this change she has been very crabby. So although we take the bottle away when she wakes up at 5:30 hungry and tired and cranky I give her a bottle of formula. Its still a process with getting her off of it and I never planned on having her on the bottle past her Birthday but I also never anticipated her getting in some big teeth either! So thats the one time a day she has a bottle, and I am just fine with it until those teeth break through.

We were trying to take her back off the binkie but have again decided to wait since those teeth are coming in. Once we get her off it we're throwing the binkies away because I am not going to have a toddler walking around with her binkie in her mouth.

Also I need to sleep train her again...but its so hard with her in my room. I cant just close the door and drown out some of her crying, she also knows I am right there so its harder and harder crying. I almost wish I wasnt here in Utah so I could do this without everyone either giving me a million opinions or telling me I am awful for letting her CIO. note: i let her cry it out, I am not a bad mom I do go check on her and calm her down without picking her up, I dont let her scream for hours. So dont tell me I am emotionally crippling her.

Other then that news...The Hubs JUMPED! He loved it!! I'm so excited for him...and its weird he makes me want to do it too! and I am absolutly terrified of heights! Maybe one day :)


Audrey Spence said...

I don't think we got Charlotte off her bottle until 18 mo and binkie at 2. I think you're doing fine. And letting them cry it out definitely does not make you a bad mom. If it does then I'm the worst :) I always did it with Charlotte and it worked. I even do it with Jackson sometimes.

Mary @ This is How My Garden Grows said...

Ruthie was a little past 1 year when I got her off the bottle. I had to keep her on the bottle bc right when I was about to take it away she got a stomach bug and was vomiting everywhere and that was the only thing she would take. We took Jack's bottle when he was a yr old but he continued getting it in other places until he was like 3.

Chantal said...

Busy busy!! I hope everything works out soon!

Kathryn said...

I think my son was a little past one before he was off the bottle. Ya gotta do what works for you. And you are not a bad mom by letting her cry it out. There is nothing wrong with it especially if you've checked and made sure everything is ok first, which I'm sure you do. A little crying never hurt anyone.

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