Monday, July 16, 2012

My Hubby

I gotta brag a little bit about my husband. I honestly dont do it enough! and I am lucky enough to have a really great husband! He tries so hard to give Evelyn and I an amazing life and I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else!
 Right after we met. Our Favorite Picture together

My Husband and I have had issues in our marriage, and when I thought that there was no way we could work out an issue we've always been able to!

Hubs wasnt raised in a very great enviorment, and to be honest he is very lucky to not be stuck back in his hometown and probably in and out of trouble. He saw a light at the end of the tunnel and wanted a better life then what he was raised with. He knew at a young age he wanted to enlist and he did so when he could.
Deployment #1 over with...took him to a Oakland Raiders game!

One thing you gotta know about my husband is he really doesnt complain too much. He will to me, because I whine alot and he makes me realize my problems are stupid. He loves to tell stories and loves to meet new people.

He is not your GUN HO Army Man. He is very much a person! He is picky about a few things but he is letting up on it a bit. He made his E6 at age 24! and less then 5 years in the US Army. I am very proud of him! A lot of men back at Fort Riley saw a lot of good in him after I came along and gave him the shot to be a great leader and he is doing a fantastic job at Fort Bragg! Everyone at Fort Riley really misses Hubs and often tell him so! Everyone at Fort Bragg that I have met tells me how great Hubs is at work.
Day after we got married. 

I say that he became a "good guy" after he met me, because before he met me, his plan was to stay in for his 3 year contract, get out and move back to his hometown in California...and probably go no where in life. I met him right before he deployed the 1st time back in 2008, and he wanted a future with me, and I think he knew that California wasn't a place that I would ever want to live in (DAMN RIGHT) so he re-enlisted and started working for his E5. A lot of men knew my husband as the party guy...the boy who got drunk in the barracks every weekend and made an ass of himself. He is a very good guy and I am pretty sure I brought a lot of that in him.
Deployment Day #2
Had no idea I was pregnant! Found out the very next day.

I gotta tell you a funny story though....My husband never ever dated anyone before me. Our whole 1st date he text other people. Made me feel like he didnt like me, and keep in mind...I kissed him before our first date....thats a story for another day, so I thought he took me out as a pitty date. After our first kiss and a drunk night of being losers the man couldnt even ask for my litterally took me walking out the door and then having to turn around to get something I forgot for him to ask me for my number. It wasnt an easy experience for me. I had dated before and had boyfriends...Hubs was a whole new playing field for me! But I had my lessons before with dating other boys and knew not to ask him for his number...he was the 1st man I ever made work for my number...and a kiss! (Yes ladies! I may have been drunk but I didnt give that kiss away freely! he came to me! I was 19 and on vacation...give me a break! I never knew I'd meet my future husband on vacation!)

I couldnt be prouder of my husband! He litterally gives me so many reasons to smile every single day! I am so glad our fights never last more then an hour, because its no fun fighting!...well unless ya know ;) I'm so glad I dont have to feel like I have to try my hardest to please him, as long as I am myself he is happy and so am I! I got lucky girls!!
Proud Daddy!!

He is really a wonderful Dad to Evelyn. He just adores her! and she adores her Daddy! It kills me to see them apart! Even while he is working, she's constantly looking for her Daddy and will walk all over saying Dada!! She'll probably always be a Daddys Girl and I love it!

Home from Deployment #2!!

At our new home in Fort Bragg, North Carolina!

My Hubby is currently at Jump School and today is the day he gets to jump for the 1st time!
Wish him luck!!


Kristi said...

What a neat post! You sound so happy and so in love! :)

Morgan Neal said...

He does love telling stories! Haha

Chantal said...

Aw this is a great post!

____j said...

You guys are so cute together! Good luck to your hubby at jump school!

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