Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Evelyns Birthday Day!

Hello Everyone! I know I have been absent and I'm not being the best commenter on blogs at the moment. My husband got to Utah on Saturday and he'll be here for his 2 week leave before heading back to NC, without me :( and then be heading to Fort Sill, OK for 6 weeks! Speaking of which I am planning a trip to go there! :)

Evelyns Birthday was on Friday and it was so much fun! I made sure to spoil her rotten and I must have sang to her at least 20 times! Not to mention lots of Birthday kisses, and I even gave her Birthday "Spaninkings" was more like a tap. I wanted to be the 1st to do it so I did!

She was born at 8:23AM on July 20, 2011 and I was awake when it had been offically a year but Evelyn was still sleeping, so I sat there and remembered the moments I had in labor and while I was pushing. It makes me really wish I had a recording/pictures of it for just myself, it was an amazing moment to bring her into the world!
Good Morning Birthday Girl!

As soon as Evelyn woke up she had her whole wheat waffles (with a little syrup), and strawberries! She gobbled it all up! We danced around to some Disney songs and since we had to babysit my sister for a little while we got ready for the day.

My main goal was to take Evelyn to Salt Lake to Target and get her some new toys and books, but I decided not to. I'm from a smaller town and we only have a walmart, and I figured it would be about the same difference, plus this way I could do errands at the same time. Evelyn got herself a  Snow White baby and a Minnies Bowtique, Minnie.

After she had her 1st nap I ran to McDonalds and got her, her 1st Happy Meal! I know bad mommy right? But because my Dad already had plans for her Birthday Dinner I decided I needed to do something different for Lunch. She just got Chicken Nuggets and Apple Slices with Apple Juice, and she loved it!
After the day had gone by and we had dinner and talked to Daddy (who graduated Airborne School on her Birthday!) we gave her a cupcake!
I wish Hubs could have been here for her Birthday but the fact that he was there the next day was a really great thing! We had another Birthday Party for her!

I cannot believe I have a 1 year old! It flys right on by! I'm looking forward to many many more years!!

BTW...this is my nephew..and he just loves his little cousin! I just had to share this photo!


Chantal said...

How sweet! It sounds like she had a great birthday! Happy Birthday Evelyn!

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