Saturday, July 7, 2012


I only had to steal this from my friend Lyzz over at Defying Gravity...Check her's out right HERE
Current book:

Bossypants By: Tina Fey....and its only just hilarious!

Current playlist:

Right now I am jammin to
Drive Me Crazy by Britney Spears.
Currently in love with Somebody I Used to Know By: Gotye
(Maybe....Call Me Maybe too)

Current color:


Current food:

Sushi is my biggest craving...but really needing some Jamba Juice in my life ASAP

Current show(s):

Pretty Little Liars is my new Fav!
Army Wives
True Blood

Current needs:

My Hubs Home...I miss him. I know I'm pathetic.
Jamba Juice
Money for a new phone. Mine breaking!

Current triumph:
Diet changes. Back on track.

Banes of my existence:

My brother...Oh do I have a story when I am ready to tell it.

Current Celeb Crush:

Christian Grey....he doesnt even exsist!
Channing Tatum. Gerald Buttler.
Some of the dudes on PLL...Toby has dreamy eyes!

Current #1 blessing:

I am in Utah!!
I'm so glad to be home!
Although I do miss my own bed!

Current indulgence:

Creamies!! and if you dont know what they are...


Current outfit:

Capris, Kaki's and Tanks!

Current excitement:

Ev's Birthday on the 20th!!
Hubby graduating Airbone School on Ev's Birthday!

Current mood:

Ya I know I should be doing more.
But I'm not...I'm enjoying no house work :)

Current favorite quote/verse:

"Your Book Isn't Finished Yet..."

Current fav app:

Twitter...Oh who knew I'd be so addicted to other peoples lives.

Current favorite product:

Chapstick! This dry heat is taking it out on my pretty lips.


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