Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Some of you know that my Grandpa has Alzhimers. One of the very biggest reasons I am back in Utah for such a long time is to spend some time with him. He's mostly had it for about 4 years now and has never been totally confused, its just been begining stages of it.
Before we left for the cabin my Mom had told me that my Grandpa woke up one day saying he was dying and he just knew it was the end. My grandma took him to the hospital where he was diagnoised with a bladder infection. But since that day he acted way more spottier and forgetful then before.
One day he even told my Grandma he had no idea where he was when they were in their own home. Its been pretty scary for everyone.

While I was up at the cabin my mom called me to tell me they had taken him to his regular doctor. The doctor had my mom tell my Grandpa what she thought was best for him which was no more driving, and no more walks around the neighborhood. It was really hard on my Mom and Grandma..it ended up with a ton of tears.

His Doctor ended up telling my Mom that he was pretty sure that my Grandpa had, had a stoke. I'm sure there was some sort of testing involved but I wasnt there so I dont know.

The Hubs and I immediatly started packing to come down to support my mom, but my mom insisted we stayed at the cabin for our last night. But as early as we could on Saturday we took off down the mountain and back into my home town.

Its going to be a hard thing to deal with, with my Grandpa dying like he is. I already had a Grandma die last year from Dementia and that was really hard on everyone. Hopefully during the time I am here I can really support my family and especially my Grandma during this time.

Lots of prayers for us would be greatly apprecaited!

My grandparents with Evelyn


Katie F said...

That's so sad. Praying for you and your family

Our Family of Four said...

i had a (great) grandma pass away quite a few years ago now, but she also had Alzheimer's. i absolutely hate that disease, it's so horrible, and SO hard to go through. you guys are totally in my thoughts and prayers!

Mary @ This is How My Garden Grows said...

Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease. Lots of hugs and prayers to your family.

Chantal said...

I'm so sorry! Alzheimer's is horrible.

Audrey Spence said...

I am so glad you posted something because even though we live here we have no idea what's going on. Some of it has to do with other people (you probably know who I'm talking about) and we don't like pushing ourselves into everyone's business. So we really are out of the loop a lot. I had no idea how bad he was getting until like a week ago when Scott's mom told us some stuff. Every time I see him he seems to be himself and is always trying to mess with us and tease us like he's always done. I think we're gonna have to make some more trips up there to visit. All my grandparents were gone before Scott and I got married so its been nice to share Scott's grandparents. I think its going to be rough the next little while and we are definitely praying for everyone. :(

Sharon said...

Thanks for posting that sweet picture of dad and mom with Evelyn.

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