Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Enlistment

I have said it like a million Husband wants to be a lifer in the Army. He is good at his job, he loves his job, he hates deployments but is constantly confident that they will get shorter and that I can handle it. It doesnt bother me too much though it does worry me that our children will resent us for making this choice in the future.
Hubby is planning on re-enlisting in Iraq. He has 2 years left on his contract and wants to add six...but its technically 4, because the Army is downsizing and he wants to guarantee his spot in the army.
So he has been hearing from countless other people that the recruiter over there will not let anyone else re-enlist until they are a year out from getting out of the army. Not good, because they could definitely tell Hubby that he cannot re-enlist when he gets back. So a Sergeant in the Army, technically doing an E-7's job now, 4 years in the service and 2 deployments and they might kick him out? This irritates me. In my opinion my husband honestly works his ass off, he does jobs for higher ranking people and he doesnt get paid to do their job, but he never complains. He is good to his privates, and treats them well, while also teaching them the history of the army, you know like a Sergeant is supposta do!
He wants to be a Recruiter and also wants to be a Basic Training Sergeant. He wants to do so many things and it irritates me that he might not get the chance to do them. I get that the Army is downsizing...I know how flooded it is with people, but its kinda their own damn fault at the same time, they should have had rules set up for things like that. Some people are not in this for the money or the benefits, and these people are going to be kicked out so some person with no wife or kids can stay in, because they have no where else to go. I dont know personally I think something is wrong with this picture.
I saw the look, and heard the sadness in his voice when he told me that he might not get to stay in. He is planning on talking to the recruiter himself to see if he can re-enlist, but it really bothers him that this dream of his might be coming to an end too soon. There is always him entering another branch of the Military, but he is an Army Boy and loves it! I honestly love it too.
Honestly why would I go through this if not to make him happy. I want him to be so happy! His smile takes my breath away. Honestly I love love love! being in love! I love putting a smile on this face!
Until he talks to the recruiter and figures out what we can do, I will be waiting very patiently. I know things will work out the way they are suppose to...even if it means ending his dream before it really begins.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope he gets to stay in! I have to agree though - they kind of brought this problem on themselves!

kelsey lauren said...

i tagged you in a post!

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