Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So this is my first scheduled post. I hate to do it, but today at 9:15 I will be seeing my nurse to get my blood drawn and all of that! Plus the woman you all like to call *The Annoyed Army Wife* will be giving me a much needed massage today, and she should know I am super stoked to be getting it. My back is nice and sore for you! :)
Today was "the busiest shipping day of the year". My fellow co-workers and I looked to see how busy we were last year on this date and it was damn busy. Talking like over $5,000 in shipping! Which in this little town of ours is a lot! But today was NOTHING, though we were super busy we didn't even come close to matching it, which is a huge bummer. But I didn't feel too good anyways so I was glad it wasn't as busy. Lifting and packing and lifting and packing can really wear your arms and shoulders out!
One thing that I am learning is that I can really keep sugar down. Cookies and M&M's (especially pretzel ones) are the things I do not throw up. SCORE! Although I know I need to eat my veggies and fruits and such, I am doing so, I do eat some sugar at night or when I feel a little queeze and it helps A LOT! So thank you my wonderful little child for not making mommy throw up her favorite snacks!
My neighbor brought our family these treats, which they do every year, and they are homemade and so delicious!!!
Yeah...be jealous of my green cookies!


Lou said...

i want a massage. jealous...and some delcious sugar!!

Anonymous said...

New follower :)

I am jealous of the green cookies, lol they look good! Have fun at the massage!

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