Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Thoughts

YES!! I am very grateful that Kelsey over at *Home Is Where The Heart Is* tagged me in this questionnaire. I love to fill them out and it will keep me positive since we all know this week really sucked for me.

1. four shows that you watch: (i watch sooo many, here are just a few)

- Desperate Housewives
- Weeds
- Greys Anatomy
- 16 and Preggo!

2. four things you are passionate about:
- Blogging and Writing.
- Cleaning (sadly)
- Making people smile and laugh.
- My Hubberkins!

3. four phrases you say a lot:
- "oh yeah?"
- "Alright."
- "I love you"
- "Shut Up" (tee-hee)

4. four things you've learned from the past:
- Sometimes you cant even trust your family.
- Make your mistakes worth while.
- Friends Come and Go. 
- Not every memory is a good memory.

5. four places you would like to go:

- Australia
- Italy.
- Germany/Poland
- France

6. four things you did yesterday:

- Worked.
- Talked to Hubby.
- Did the Blogger thing.
- Avoided stupid facebook.

7. four things you are looking forward to:
- My first doctors appt on the 29th.
- Moving back to Fort Riley.
- Hubby coming home!
- Of course my little ones face!!!

8. four things you love about winter:
- How pretty the trees look.
- That I know how to drive in the snow.
- My anniversary.
- Christmas DUH!...Naw actually New Years is WAY Better!

So thanks for reading this guys! This actually really uplifted my spirits today! I am hoping it will last all day!!! Thanks Kelsey for this!! 
For who I am going to TAG is going to be........Lacey!!! Over at Guinn and Bare It cant wait to see your answers girlie!


Lou said...

hey love thanks for tagging me!!! Im asked to fill it out!! My number one country to visit is australia to!! how fun! hope your week is feeling better!

Audrey Spence said...

It's funny all your places to visit are placed I'd love to visit! Especially Poland! I've got some polish blood in me and to have some yummy pierogis from there....mmmm...mmmm.... I need to make some homemade ones. Always fun to get to know you a little better!

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