Friday, December 17, 2010

Good Tidings.

Yesterday I was just having my daily dose of reality tv, when someone rang the door bell. I never answer the door here since its my parents house and I was not expecting anyone anyways. So my Dad answered and stood at the door for a while, when he was done talking he yelled that someone had brought something for me, immediately I assume its probably a surprise gift from my Hubby, but when I turn around its a plate of cookies....alright so maybe something from the neighbors? but just for me?
My dad began to tell me a nice family who saw The Blue Star flag in my window thought they should do something out of the kindness of their hearts since they knew we were missing someone this holiday season. I began to tear up at the kindness someone has just shown us. Especially since 2 days before I had someone yell at me for my husbands sacrifice, telling me how stupid we both we're and we were going to hell for it. It restores my faith that there are people besides the military community who really care about the soldiers sacrificing for us.
I have never really had such an act of kindness given to me and I am grateful for whoever this family is. I am going to make sure I pay it forward. Though I am sad I will never know who this family is, they have given me the greatest gift this holiday season, which is knowing someone out there knows and cares that my husband will be gone for the holidays.


Poekitten said...

That was very sweet! I hope you enjoy the cookies...they look delicious:)

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