Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turning Pessimistic.

Its true. I think you all have seen the differences in my posts since Hubby left, I am getting less and less optimistic about it all. The things that will never change are....
  • Hubby maybe deployed, maybe missing me being preggo me...but he will be here for the 1st year and for the birth....and thats AWESOME!!
  • Working sucks, but its going to really help in the long run with the little one. Especially since I'll be a stay at home mom.
and....I think thats it. Its horrible. I feel less and less like myself everyday. I dont think I am changing too much though....at least I hope not! I know I kinda have to give a little.
I have always had back problems, I get it from my dad...so naturally when I got pregnant I knew there would be back pain...but no joke you guys I never EVER thought it would be this early!!! I am having huge back pains! It hurts constantly and having a job where I am constantly on my feet and lifting things is horrible! I have told my mom (my boss..) that she needs to let up on me and give me more days off, because this week I have one day off, ya the money would be good....but I am more concerned with my baby's health and my health then a freaking paycheck right now. I know that I can take Tylenol, but I really am trying to avoid that as much as I can. I dont feel comfortable with putting lots of medication in my body. Tylenol is my last resort.
As optimistic as I can be about it is that, I want to buy the carseat and my play-pen with my own money, and not Hubbys. He is already planning on helping me buy all the furniture for the nursery, and I know thats alot of money. Plus a few months after he gets home we will be moving, so we already got a few expenses lined up and me having this job will help out so much with alot of things!
I really am going to try to not turn this blog into my pregnant blog. Its hard not to though when I feel completely absorbed into it. I guess alot of it also is me trying to avoid being boring. I am constantly taking mental notes all day thinking of my next blog.
My next blog tomorrow will not be about prego me. Promises....I do want to keep my lovely readers satisfied!


annoyed army wife said...

Oh boy, I can feel another annoyed army wife being born. :) I'm just kidding you're totally allowed to piss and moan about ANYTHING you want to on your blog. If people don't like it, they don't have to read it. *hugs* And send me an email if you're interested in coming up to the big city because I know a lot of people who specialize in pregnancy massage (myself included).

Lou said...

i am sorry that you are having such a rough time so im going to do this in attempt to make you happy!
reasons to be optimistic: (these are for you btw:))
1)You are a beautiful young lady, which means a beautiful young baby!!
2) You are becoming independent with hubby being gone, this is good because it will prepare you for being a stay at home mom!
3) You have a wonderful husband who is taking care of you and whom you love, thats good right

i hope this doesnt sound like a "your life isnt so bad" comment.. i SWEAR its not...i just want you to be happy!
Stay smiling girl. BTW ill read your blog always even if it becomes a preggers blog...:)

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