Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Flat Daddies

Today while I was at work, a lady I live by came in and started talking to me about how Hubby was know all the questions you conversations are usually like this...
When did he leave? almost 3 weeks ago Yikes! So your just getting started? Obviously Yeah..Oh and your pregnant? wow can he come home for the birth? We are hoping so. Awe man that must be so hard. Just as hard as trying not to punch you in the face, thanks for asking.
Anyways! She had started talking to me about Parade magazine had an article on these things called *Flat Daddies*...a huge cardboard cut out of your deployed soldier. Now first when I heard this I entertained her by thinking it was so cool...but really found it kinda lame...especially when our child is the size of a orange seed. I would not need a flat daddy because I can see my babies daddy on Skype.
So a few hours later I decided to look up these things and see what the big fuss was about...apparently my mother had already heard of it and had planned on buying me one....not a clue why but OK. I was looking at all of the kids who have them, and they even had a little girl playing barbies with her daddys cardboard cut out. I found it quite adorable.
I have a family reunion this month...which I just found out falls on my 1st Anniversary....which is exactly how I wanted to spend it....surrounded by peoples kids and people whining about snow. Although I am blowing off everyone the day before because I am going to do something special damn it. So my mom decided she will buy one so we can have Hubby in our family pictures.
I told Hubby on Skype today and the grin on his face was priceless! He is so stoked to become a cut out! who knew!
I'll make sure to show you all when we get it :)


kelsey lauren said...

hahah that's a really great idea for the photos!! i kinda think it's a little creepy to interact with a cardboard cutout anymore than that though... hahaha :)

Audrey Spence said...

I think that's awesome. We'll have to take some really funny pics. We should like go to park and take a pic going down a slide with him or something. We could have a blast with cardboard cutout Paul! When is the reunion? I haven't heard anything and I'm like so confused what's going on and when.

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