Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No Name

I had no name for this blog today. I am really hurrying to do it, because I got to leave for work in about.......10 minutes? so I thought I would just share real quick how my doctors appt was.

They confirmed that I am 9 weeks along, which means I am 3 months! I got a bunch of infant formula, and my What to Expect When Your Expecting book, which was pretty cool. They were also very supportive of knowing Hubby is gone and have all lent out support for me as far as delivery and having him be apart of ultra sounds! Which of course made Hubby very very happy!
I am also due on July 20! So I was off by one day. But the due date can change at any time from now until I have my first ultra-sound which wont be for maybe another month. They drew like 5 vials on blood from me, which almost made me pass out!!! I guess I was breathing really funny after the fact.
Anyways Ladies I have got to run! Longer post tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

YAY 9 weeks! Congratulations!

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