Monday, December 27, 2010

Robin Laid an Egg

Well I hope everyones Christmas was just as enjoyable as mine was. First to tell you all, No morning sickness at all that morning, but I am sure getting payback! I have been laying in bed all day and sleeping for most of it.
We woke up Christmas morning to everyone just being bored...its pretty sad that we have all really lost the spirit. Usually I am very upbeat about Christmas but this year just wasn't the year for me. My little nephew was trying to open his very first Christmas presents but was very bored by having to sit there. So my little sister opened them for him, which he loved!
I got some very pretty jewelry and a $75 visa card from my mom. Hubby gave me a ipod touch which was nice! I am loving playing with it, though I am such a huge music buff and am sad to report the majority of my music collection is all the way in Iraq. So for now I am going to have 2 ipods!
I got to go to my grandmothers and she gave me some crocheted baby booties! I am loving getting things for the little one, even though I am not buying them, I am scared it will jinx it.
It was amazing to see my family, I have a reunion coming up on the 31st and the 1st so I get to see lots more of them! I am hoping the little one will take it way easier on me, since right now all it feels like it motion sickness and that's no bueno. I also have a doctors appt on the 29th! So excited since I'll probably hear the babies heartbeat!


Audrey Spence said...

Oh yeah... my appt is tomorrow too but first thing... 730 am! I'm gonna have to actually get up early! I might even have to wake Charlotte up early to get her down to my mom's in time. So exciting! Can't wait to hear how you're appt goes!

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