Thursday, December 16, 2010


Ok so you all know by now I work for a shipping company. Super Nice. Super Lame. It leaves me to know a ton about the post office and their mailing. Now we all know when your husband is overseas you need to go Postal...haha get it? And I have been seeing alot of people writing posts on how awful the postal service is. So I thought about it and decided that I should do a little post on them. It can be benifical for you, or you can think I am totally a bitch for posting it all.

The postal service you should all know has no way to track anything! Literally. No way! Throw a stamp on it, pay for express mail doesnt matter they dont track anything!

Also nothing is Guaranteed. USPS can guarantee a few things going to certain citys, because company's like FedEx and UPS help lend out their planes to them. But when they tell you its Guaranteed, really they are lying. I hear it all the time. At my work we ship USPS too and constantly get calls saying I need that tracking number or something for USPS...and there is nothing we can do! Yes, they can call the post office whatever, but its the same thing.

Also just because its Flat Rate you might think its so much cheaper...but really UPS has been known to beat USPS prices. Plus with UPS you do get a tracking number and $100 insurance on it automatically.

If you can throw everything into one box! Not multiples. One large box is way less likely to get lost vs a bunch of little ones. Plus it really honestly is cheaper!

Also one big thing when shipping to APO/FPO's is get those flat rate boxes if you need them, saves you money!! But it has to say the APO/FPO on the box!

I hope this helped out alot for some of you having issues with the Post Office.

I am off to watch Disney movies with my little Bubby.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that! That was helpful. Thank you! I am about to send a package and I was deciding between UPS an USPS and you helped :D

Anonymous said...

Just know if you ship FedEx or UPS to any overseas location (APO/FPO) as soon as it reaches New York, it gets marked as parcel select and gets to the next port by boat. I've had that happen to me twice =(

As long as you live at an APO/FPO address, shipping is FREE to any other APO/FPO address :D

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