Monday, December 13, 2010

The Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekend was alot better then my week! Sadly Saturday I worked a 10 hour shift, but honestly the last 2 hours were voluntary, even if I got paid for them, I was off the clock and didnt need to be there. It wasnt too bad of day. Of course super busy and lots of explaining but nothing more then the norm.
When I got home from work, I couldnt eat anything...everything looked nasty and nothing seemed to satisfy me. Later I found out why....yepp horrid morning sickness came upon me. Threw up all night and yesterday I threw up all morning and all night. YUCK I know. Hubby thinks its quite hilarious that I am throwing up this much but its really not. If I could burry my head under a rock I totally would.
Other then that I finally got to finish my Hubbys stocking! My grandmother usually does these for her grandkids but we added about 11 new family members through-out my entire extended family so my mother and I helped take some of the work off of her. I chose to do Hubby's entire stocking by myself as much as I could and it turned out really great!!!
  Yes, I did all of that! the stitching and all! I am very proud!

Hubby had some very interesting news for me yesterday. Apperently they had.....HAIL! Word went around and around on FB that everyone was making Iraqi Snowballs/Ice Balls. So when he woke up this morning the Hail had pretty much gone away and so it was now flooded.
I kinda think God was spreading a little Christmas Cheer for them...even if it was Hail.


annoyed army wife said...

Cute stocking! I don't think it's funny you're puking your brains out. :(

Audrey Spence said...

I love the stocking your Grandma makes. Ours are all hanging up. You did a really good job! Sorry you're puking so much. That sucks. Hope it gets better!

kelsey lauren said...

thats such a cute stocking! i'm impressed with your sewing skills.. good job!

Lou said...

i love the stocking. I agree that is odd about the hail...God sure has a way of spreadin the love doesnt he. Hope all is well lady!Stay strong with the morning sickness.

US said...

Great job on the stocking, so cute! hope you start to feel better! :) I started blogging woot, come check it out!

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