Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I need a punching bag.

Honestly it would be a good investment. I am frustrated. I am sexually-deprived. I am alone. I am sad. I am furious.
Sometimes I wish it was LEGAL for me to knock the hell out of someone....see the pessimist inside of me coming out? Yepp!
I decided that today is Wednesday DUH and usually there are some posts called Pour Your Heart Out on these days...but I dont have time to wait to link-up or anything so I am just going to do it.I am going to call it my....

I need a damn punching bag!!

Yesterday I posted about my back problems, which I am so glad *The Annoyed Army Wife* offered for me to get a massage by her! Gladly going to take...but incase you read this I don't know your email. I worked from 9-5 and suffered through my back pain through most of the day. After a while though I did need a damn break, so I went to go get my little brother and I took him to run errands since he no longer has his license. After I was done I could tell I could no longer work, so I called my boss and told her I only had a few hours left and needed to go home, which she was fine with. 
I came home and the rest of the day sat on my butt. Naw. I actually only got to sit there for about an hour before I had to go to my Grandmothers and then after that I had to make dinner. So making dinner I suffered through the standing and the cleaning the dishes and everything just so I could sit down and watch the movie I bought that my brothers had already started playing! I finally get to sit down and my parents blue-ray player is messed up. Great.
After the movie, my mother who is also my boss, and I had a talk about me working the next day, we both knew I was in alot of pain, and very much needed the day to lay around and try to let my body rest. My 2 little brothers work for my mom and my one brother didnt have to work the next day, so I asked him to do me a huge favor and his reply was..."No, I was planning on going snowboarding with Marcus tomorrow.".....ok understandable so I knew my brother and I knew I would have to do a little begging, so I did. "I know Little Brother, but this back pain is so unbearable I can barelly walk or bend over at all, I have baby-sat the baby while you and Big Brother went snowboarding like 4 times already, and I need to take the day off so can you do me a favor and help me out here?".............."I really want to go snowboarding"  UGH! fine I gave up. I started crying knowing I couldnt go to work the next day, and my mother told me if it was hurting that bad in the morning that I should just stay home. Thank you!!...
By the end of the night it was getting too hard to get on and off the couch and I decided I should probably sleep on it, since I share a room with my sister right now, my tossing and turning would bother her all night. So I slept on the couch for maybe an hour, when someone ran through the house and turned on the lights, only to go back downstairs........I thought it was probably 5am because thats the time people in this house start to wake up for work. I burry my head in the covers and know that soon they will be gone and I can go back to sleep.............about 45 minutes later there was no movement. Yepp only 11:30. So I shut the lights off and try to fall back asleep. Then someone decides to watch TV.....I finally gave up on trying to get a decent nights sleep and went to my bed.
I woke up at 7:30 this morning to my other little brother whining about a sore throat...I immediately hope my mom has stood up for me and told him to deal with it. So I get up and walk down stairs and he is telling my mother how much he wishes he could I looked at him and said oh please! I cannot bend over and your not going to work because of a sore throat? and he immediately gave me the bird.....which I responded with the real words. I looked at my mother and she just stared at me, like nothing was wrong. I felt dooped...if thats how you even spell it. I now knew I was going to have to work, because its the holiday season and I honestly have the 2 most selfish brothers ever. Which I have very gladly said to their faces many times!!
Ugh looks like I am turning into another Annoyed Army Wife HA HA HA. I do need a punching bag.


annoyed army wife said...

Her's my email: Contact me and we'll sync up schedules and get you in. I've got a few new 'moves' I'd like to try so if you give me feedback on them, then we'll just consider it a 'practice massage'. The studio is on the east side of SLC, but I'll give you directions to get there. Plus, it's in a really cute shopping center, so you could probably do some retail therapy as well. Saturdays are my only day that I can't do. Otherwise my schedule has openings.

Audrey Spence said...

You should definitely go see annoyed army wife and get a massage. I think it would help relax you and the east side of SLC has some great shopping. I personally love Sugarhouse and used to work down the street from it and it was a great break at lunchtime from a stressful job. They have a toys r us with baby stuff you can check out and there is the rack too. Super cute baby stuff. You should take a day for yourself and get some lunch at like paradise bakery, get a massage and do a little shopping!

kelsey lauren said...

when i started growing i had horrible back pains! i don't know if you've tried this but getting properly fitted insoles (not just from a drugstore, but fitted from a foot doctor) eliminated a lot of the pain!! maybe it's something you could try. as of now though, i'm sorry you're in so much pain.

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