Friday, June 8, 2012


1. I wish the Hubs knew what he wanted to do with the Army. I hate uncertainty. I almost wish he would get out. I know we got a few years before his contract ends, but this whole I am staying in, and screw this I am getting out is annoying. But getting out scares me because what if he can't find a job? Its not like he is preparing himself for one outside the Army. Although I wish he would!

2. I want another baby, sometimes. Hubs doesn't want more kids. I want to wait till this time next year to start trying...maybe. But I'd rather give birth back home again since I loved my doctor and my hospital. Probably never going to happen. But I wish.

3. Hubs just woke up the baby....great. I was enjoying not chasing her around.

4. I feel like I fail my daughter a lot. I am trying to be a better example before she starts really looking up to me. Loose weight, stop cussing so much, maybe even education. But I feel like I am failing her in different ways.

5. I gave Evelyn her Binkie back...I am over the whole "she wont have it past one" thing. She has been waking me up twice a night for no reason I can tell. The molar isn't coming out and she's hungry and screaming and screaming. I'm over it!! I'll take the binkie away later. Until then I am over it, I need sleep now that she is running around all day, pulling my hair, pulling things she knows she shouldn't have. I swear, she's only good when Dad is around.

6. I suck at budgeting. I am trying to make sure we have cash on us for spending money, but things come up and we fail at a budget again. But we still try and that's good.

7. As much as I love Evelyn I sometimes wish I could keep her in her room all day and have time for myself. I feel like I am always the one changing diapers, making bottles, dressing her and everything else in between. I cant wait to go home to Utah on the 2nd because I really need a vacation, and even though Evelyn will be with me it will be nice to have other people besides me all day who want to play with her.

8. I'd love to read more often then I do. My brain just cant let me read lately. I miss books.

9. I enjoyed writing this was freeing in a way. Have a Good Weekend!


Lyzz said...

That's what Auntie Lizzie is for! I'm happy to take her or come over and play with her to give you time to breath, shower, run an errand.

Chantal said...

You aren't failing her. The most you can do is your best. Just try your best!

Natalie and Remington said...

You are not alone on a lot of these things!!! I feel the same way and I only have a 3 month old.

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