Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gift Advice

So I mentioned that we are throwing Evelyn's birthday party in NC at the end of the month and the Hubs and I have bought her a few things so far. We bought her a fold out couch (she loves our furniture), Yo Gabba Gabba plush dolls and a Cinderella pillow. We have realized they are just basic gifts and we would really like to get her some more learning toys.

Since I'll be gone all summer we arnt going to buy everything right now. But we arnt sure what to really buy her. I want to buy her more things for motor skills...Hubs wants to buy her a non annoying toy. I want to buy her the biggest thing ever, hubs wants to spend minimum on toys...10 bucks. I love how we are on such different planets when it comes to Evelyn's toys.

So I am hear to ask you! What would you recommend we buy for Miss Evelyn's birthday?


Chantal said...

I don't have many suggestions, but I've already started going through Amazon and making a birthday/Christmas wish-list for Penny. Maybe browse through there and you could find some cool stuff!

____j said...

I rarely buy toys for Adelei because her grandparents always send her stuff, but we do have this mirror that she loves!

I'm going to be getting her these soon so we can practice her fine motor skills.

Audrey Spence said...

We hardly buy Charlotte anything because I kept some of my old stuff and my parent's have bought her a ton of stuff too. Maybe some little wood blocks with the alphabet and numbers on them. That way as she gets older she can learn the letters and numbers and stack them. For now they're just fun toys. Plus they're usually pretty cheap. I would even just browse the aisles at walmart or target. I like seeing things in person better and you can see what stuff is better for her age too.

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